30 June 2009

Aero's Rundown - 06.30.2009 (top 3)

Welcome back to the 0630 Aero's Rundown for the top 3! The Rundown starts now...

No. 3: Before I got the hell outta Dodge (UT), my best pals there had a little goin-away gathering for me (06.18)!!! Let me tell you who was there: Cougar (@ejrkids), BMax (@shug24), Austiedocious (@aubrown2001), Spock (@ryanscampbell), Lisa, BDub, and the mini-Spock!!! It was great! I felt so loved! The Cougar was the PM and BMax was the delegated for movie times…lol! They cracked me up and kept it simple and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! We went to eat at Bajio (pronounced BAA gee oh) and then to see The Hangover; the original plan was to see Phlegm 123 (known to others as The Taking of Pelham 123), but BDub said that The Hangover was hilarious! I made the mistake of sitting between Cougar and BDub; not quite sure if that was the best thing…lol!! The dinner was great, the movie was hilarious, and I couldn’t have asked to be around a better group of people!! I love you guys.

No. 2: This one relates to number but I have to put it before number 1 because it’s not as major as number 1 (thus its place at number two). There is a tribute song to the legendary Michael Jackson. P. Diddy (@iamdiddy) produced the track and posted the following on Twitter: “Check out this tribute 2 MJ feat Myself, Game, Chris Brown, Polo, Mario Winans, and Boyz II Men http://tinyurl.com/kow5e7 RT Please”. I love it! I love how artists show so much respect…

And No. 1: Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday, 06.25.2009; I know a lot of people are so focused on judging for the accusations and negative aspects of his life, and honestly I’m sick of people and their judgments. The guy never had a childhood and in my opinion, all those punk asses talkin about his alleged molestation charges were only after the money anyway. If they weren’t the first guy’s family wouldn’t have settled for money and would have made sure he was convicted and all those other shitholes wouldn’t have followed suit. What parent sends their children to a person who has been suspected of child molestation unless they are trying to get something out of it? Fine if your child wants to meet MJ…who doesn’t? But after such allegations, don’t you think you should at least be around instead of leaving them there?…that’s my problem with the whole situation. No real parent would put their children in harm’s way. I’m not saying whether he did or didn’t do it, but logically it just doesn’t make enough sense to me if it was really believed that he was guilty. Ok…whew…had to get that off my chest. Now on to what matters most to me…Michael Jackson: The Extraordinary Entertainer. All of your favorite artists respect him because he accomplished something that no one else in musical history has. He sold 28 million copies of a single album. Most artists don’t do that over their entire careers – including other greats like Elvis. He sold more than 750 million total albums. I’m sick of the people that are more concerned with his facial features than his talent! I’m sure Etta James or The Beatles didn’t look like someone else wanted them to, but that doesn’t take away from their talent!! Everyone in the world should respect him as an artist and if you don’t, rest assured that your favorite artist does. Respect the fact that he was a father, brother, friend, philanthropist, and a musical icon. If you didn’t like him, don’t shit on those of us who did. This hurts me even more than when Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur passed away. True enough I never met them, but it was always a dream of mine because of the people that they all were. When someone that means so much to me and the rest of the world passes away, it crushes my spirit. It kills dreams. There’s a sense of reality that I would have never met them, but now I can’t even dream. It hurts and I know for a fact that I’m not the only person in this world that feels that way about Michael Jackson and countless others. I’ve been in denial for a few days but writing this blog has really brought me to realization and I can’t stop the tears from flowing…but I digress. There was finally an announcement of MJ’s viewing for his true fans. I wish I could go. There will be a public viewing for Michael Jackson at his Neverland ranch http://tinyurl.com/m53qbb. Just as a note, there is a little fact of interest for some pertaining to other greats who passed on the 25th: “25 Strikes again! Aaliyah died on 8/25, Michael Jackson 6/25, Static Major 2/25, Left eye (Lisa Lopez) 4/25, and James Brown 12/25, and the beautiful Farrah Fawcett 6/25”

Well, you awesome tweeple out there – this concludes the 0630 Aero Rundown. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Be ready for the next one!


Aero's Rundown - 06.30.2009: Honorable Mentions

Joe Jackson is a disgrace to the human race; that loser called a press conference and had the world thinking he was going to announce funeral plans or a public memorial for his son and he announces that he’s starting a record label!! I was flippin outraged! Your son just died, the world lost an icon, and your focus is a freakin record label…that even pissed off my g’mother

Lakers won NBA Finals!!! (old news but I haven’t written a Rundown since they won)

Obama is the G-stat of the day for that "fly swattin" move on 06.08; that guy is just “a stud” as my best buddy would say…lol

I made it official and ended the pursuit of my MBA today...(*sigh*)


  1. why did you end the pursuit of the MBA!!!! The Rundown was intense this time!! Shoot!! I want some of the good ol BBQ cooking!!

  2. I am sad that you put an end to your MBA. What happened?? As for the ignorant people who have been bashing Michael. It is not suprise to me that humanity acts in such a filthy manner. We somehow always neglect to see the good in others. It is sad and I have realized that many people only find happiness by ridiculing others who progress. It really is a shame but I have so much respect for Michael. He had the power of love and impacted the whole world. I have been amazed to look back at all that he accomplished and vision all the people he touched. Who can say that they will conquer this in a lifetime. I pride myself on touching such a small portion of individuals compared to Michael. He truly is magnificent and inspired me that no matter where I am I can make a difference.

    I love your rundowns and miss you A10!

    -Lil Ese


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