19 May 2009

Aero's Rundown - 05.19.2009

Welcome to the 0519 Aero Rundown! The Rundown starts now...

No 10: Doug blasted e'rbody on Fbook today cuz 2 ppl signed the petition to save Toonami; even dropped the F-Bomb

9. Talkin trash is hypothetical; talk smack cuz its real: "u're ugly and I kno it cuz ure right there" best thing I heard all day

8. I wish someone could explain what "technical issues with my stomach" actually means besides I'm jus bein lame and missin work

7. The official launch of Aero's Rundown was yesterday! I'm stoked about this! Hit me up wit ur comments; gotta get Austie Waustie on here

6. I got a new app (UberTwitter) for my Bberry that's absolutely amazing! Its my new favorite thing. Try it on ur Bberry! Link on the way

5. OMG...Michael Jackson is going back on tour. Sold out his first show in 5 minutes. U kno what that is? G-STATUS!!

4. Austie Waustie is back in the office today and since he's not on Twitter I'm puttin him on blast! He's officially a doodie in my book!!

And now for the top 3....(Crank it up!)

NO 3: Jordin Sparks is absolutely insane! I almost fell outta my skin laughin at this: http://bit.ly/pt00O

NO 2: The star-studded American Idol finale is TONIGHT!! J-Hud, JS, and tons of other amazing ppl will be there!!

AND NO 1: Game 1 between Lakers and Nuggets is TONIGHT!!! (I kno...too much happenin tonight right? Lol); Who r u pullin for?

This concludes the 0519 Aero Rundown.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Be ready for the next one!

Aero's Rundown - The Official Launch - 05.18.2009

This is the official launch of Aero's Rundown! I'm not sure how often it will be, but when I do it, you'll know. Aero's Rundown starts now...

No. 10 - Doug is upset about Toonami cancellation; has a group on Fbook and everything. Good luck wit that Doug!

No. 9: I went to Park City this weekend and it was amazing as always; overlooked the city from a beautiful place. Pix comin soon!

No. 8: For the sports fans Magic vs. Cavs in the east and Lakers v. Nuggets in the west. Who's ur team?!

No. 7: I went and saw Wolverine! It was a pretty good movie! I advise u slow movie-goers to get on it and see it...which leads to no. 6

No. 6: I am absolutely OBSESSED wit the movie Obsessed! Its awesome! I've seen it three times; great plot, actors, and very intense! GO C IT

No. 5: TSC has the audacity to mention attire when their clothes are obviously ALWAYS too small! "Mine is intentional"...lol..right BMax?

No. 4: Roger Federer (my fave) finally beat Rafa Nadal on clay yesterday the Madrid Open. I love 'em both but was pullin for Federer..G-STAT

And now for the top 3...(Duhn duhn duhn...)

No 3: (ring) BMax: Cougar?.. Cougar: What's up? BMax: Nothing...(Click) Aero&BMax: (laughin hysterically) and the Cougar pounces!

No 2: Queen B visited this week and I had a blast! It helps to have a little bit of home around. Coug even gave her a JS shout out @ Iggy's

Jordin Sparks killed it on AI; Watch it yourself: 

The official Aero Rundown has begun! Hope you guys enjoy!