28 July 2009

Aero's Rundown - Womanizer Special Edition - 07.28.2009

Welcome to the WOMANIZER Aero's Rundown!! The Rundown starts now...

As most of you who know, BMax (@shug24) is my number 1 pal!! I loove that guy! Honestly, he just tickles me...lol. He's the kinda guy that has a great sense of humor and is a real prankster! He is accidentally funny too (to me anyway). He works with me @inContact and he's what I like to call a true friend. Well the purpose of this Rundown isn't to talk about Sir Maximus (that's BMax) - per se. I'm writing this blog because of one of his random, and quite hilarious, moments! This would have been in the last Rundown, but I decided to surprise Sir Maximus and do a special edition Rundown for it!! There are really no words to express how crazy he is...just watch the video! BMax is the very first guy you see in the video with the cap on backwards...enjoy! :-)

What more can I say? Gotta love BMax and his "randomosity"!

This concludes the Womanizer Rundown!! I hope you enjoyed it! Be ready for the next one...

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