21 May 2009

Aero's Rundown - 05.21.2009

Welcome to the 0521 Aero Rundown!  The Rundown starts now...

No 12: We had a team meeting yesterday (05.20) and the seating was crazy; TSC sitting on one end and BMax, Austiedocious, and me sitting at the other end.  There was an empty between us and them on both sides of the table and everything...

No 11: This should be probably be higher on the Rundown but I can't risk it because I have to see it to believe - Austidocious is joining Twitter

No 10: Austidocious proclaims the 3rd best-looking guy at the volleyball event that he skipped work to attend; how rude is this guy?!  LOL!

No 9: Austie (I know he's on here a lot huh?...lol) has this new thing that he's been saying lately - "Are you gonna tweet about it?"  What a doodie...as if he's even on Twitter yet...LOL

No 8: Cristi is actually leaving UT this Saturday (05.23) and I actually may never see her again.  She's pretty bummed about the whole thing.  I think reality is kickin in for her.

No 7: Kris Allen won American Idol! Even though he can sing, he was not the most talented in my opinion...but neither was Adam ;-)

No 6: I have a big, Big, BIg, BIG secret...pretty sure I'm just gonna have to keep it to myself! You guys aren't even close to ready for this one...lol!!

No 5: TSC starts yet another meeting with their usual load of crap (A, B, and me were kinda jus sittin there lookin at first). I should start creating an agenda if that's what it takes to make them productive...(*sigh*) lol

No 4: I goin on my first "business trip" next week tues-thurs and I'm a little excited about it...there's only one little downer about the trip...lol...(*wink wink*)

And here it is....the top 3...(*holding my breath*)

No 3: BMax (@shug24) passes out in the John...can't tell the story the way he did, but I will say that it's funny that he passes out and ends up in the bathtub....lol!

No 2: Cavs vs Magic! Magic won by 1 when Lewis hit a 3 in the last 15 seconds; what's crazy is Lebron had 49 points that game. Magic go up 1-0 in the series. Cavs will still take it!

And No 1: Lakers came back in the fourth quarter vs Nuggets after being down by 23 and won the game by 2 (105-103)...HYPE GAME!! I know BMax hates it...lol

Thanks for tunin in.  I have too much stuff to put into a Rundown so I'm pretty sure there will one tomorrow that will have all the good stuff in it!  Be on the lookout for the next one....

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  1. big fan of the rundown! BUT!! I am ready for number 6 master aero!


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