19 May 2009

Aero's Rundown - The Official Launch - 05.18.2009

This is the official launch of Aero's Rundown! I'm not sure how often it will be, but when I do it, you'll know. Aero's Rundown starts now...

No. 10 - Doug is upset about Toonami cancellation; has a group on Fbook and everything. Good luck wit that Doug!

No. 9: I went to Park City this weekend and it was amazing as always; overlooked the city from a beautiful place. Pix comin soon!

No. 8: For the sports fans Magic vs. Cavs in the east and Lakers v. Nuggets in the west. Who's ur team?!

No. 7: I went and saw Wolverine! It was a pretty good movie! I advise u slow movie-goers to get on it and see it...which leads to no. 6

No. 6: I am absolutely OBSESSED wit the movie Obsessed! Its awesome! I've seen it three times; great plot, actors, and very intense! GO C IT

No. 5: TSC has the audacity to mention attire when their clothes are obviously ALWAYS too small! "Mine is intentional"...lol..right BMax?

No. 4: Roger Federer (my fave) finally beat Rafa Nadal on clay yesterday the Madrid Open. I love 'em both but was pullin for Federer..G-STAT

And now for the top 3...(Duhn duhn duhn...)

No 3: (ring) BMax: Cougar?.. Cougar: What's up? BMax: Nothing...(Click) Aero&BMax: (laughin hysterically) and the Cougar pounces!

No 2: Queen B visited this week and I had a blast! It helps to have a little bit of home around. Coug even gave her a JS shout out @ Iggy's

Jordin Sparks killed it on AI; Watch it yourself: 

The official Aero Rundown has begun! Hope you guys enjoy!

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