06 June 2009

Aero's Rundown - 06.06.2009 - Part III

Welcome to the 0606 Aero Rundown - Part 3!  The Rundown starts now...

No. 10: For some reason it’s hard for people to believe I wear heels; B-Dub was pretty impressed with my six inchers

No. 9:  Twin’s stoked about me coming home; the guy is just giddy and I love it!!  He’s comin out to help me drive back home with me in a couple of weeks! YAY!!

No. 8: My parents told me for the first time in a very long time that there were proud of me.  I was totally speechless because that was the absolute best feeling in the world for me!

No. 7: I pretty much decided to keep my secret to myself.  I know now that there are some things that I have to deal with myself.  My mom told me that I need to deal with some things myself before bringing others into my situation because if I don’t it will only be harder of me trying to deal with my feelings and theirs

No. 6: Cleaned up my apartment last weekend and it felt amazing.  I cleaned up my dog’s mess and got laundry put away…(thanx for the help C22)

No. 5: Memorial day: went to IHOP for breakfast, chilled with Cristi and Vee at the pool at Sterling Village, cooked some food and I ate about 9 million hot dogs.  It was altogether a fun day.  I was exhausted when I got home and then left the next day for my first on-site trip for my least-favorite customer

No. 4: Quote: “No matter what decision you make, someone will always find fault or be unhappy about it”

And here come the top 3...(*sigh*)...not as exciting because this is so old...lol

No. 3: So ready to get a break! I want to be around my family but I really just need some time away from everything and everybody; I’m so confused about where I wanna be in my life right now; does that mean that I’m not happy?

No. 2: My first turn-up was hectic!  That is the most indecisive company ever and now they’re looking for someone to blame for all the crap that they caused and of course they chose me because I’m the rookie in the whole situation.  All I can say is that I did my absolute best…not much more I could do

And No. 1: Magic win series in 6 games against the Cavs (poor Lebron…I wish he had some help)

This concludes the 0606 Aero Rundown - Part 3.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  Be ready for the next one!

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