10 June 2009

Aero's Rundown - 06.10.2009

Welcome to the 0610 Aero’s Rundown!  The Rundown starts now…

No. 12: Chrysler is officially dead as we know it.  They’re now Chrysler Group LLP and are owned mostly (55%) by United Auto Worker (UAW)…too bad I didn’t get a new car before yesterday.  Dealerships have been dropping their new Chrysler prices like mad trying to get rid of them all…

No. 11: An 88-year-old gunman shot and killed a security guard today (June 10) at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  I’m not quite sure of his motive, but he was labeled in the media as a “white supremacist”. Read the rest here - http://tinyurl.com/kkob4j

No. 10: I’m getting my corporate card from work!! Yay!!  I don’t really know why I’m so excited about it, but it just feels like a new level in my career and if you read my last blog, you know I feel a little stagnant… :)

No. 9: I went to the movies again to see Up and of course my best buddy BMax (@shug24) thought it was hilarious!  Besides the actual movie, the best part was that we left work early! “I was hiding under your porch because I love you…-Doug”…LOL!!!

No. 8: Lakers vs Magic in the NBA Finals – Lakers won game 2 in overtime 101-96.  Magic won game 3 108-104.  The series is now 2-1 Lakers and game 4 is tomorrow (June 11) at 8:30 EST.  Can’t wait!!!

No. 7: Bret Michaels was SLAMMED by a prop at the Tony Awards - http://tinyurl.com/nbqw8u …I’m typically not one to laugh when it’s something so serious, but I have to admit that the way he fell was pretty funny!

No. 6: Austiedocious (@aubrown2001) wore a bra and I wore a jock strap yesterday (June 9)…let’s just put it this way…we have very random conversations during lunch with the Cougar (@ejrkids)

No. 5: TSC was running to eat during our “team lunch/meeting”.  BMax and I thought it was terribly entertaining that they were all talkin about this lunch and then no one wanted to drive and was “outta gas”… I tell ya…some people

No. 4: Jordin Sparks (@TheRealJordin) has a new fanclub! I was so excited when she tweeted about it today!  I was looking at her tour dates and I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna get to one of her concerts…yay!! http://www.sparkstown.com/

And now the top 3…(*dunh-diggity-dunh dunh dunh*)

No. 3: Cristi was walkin today and saw a blue Jeep Liberty like mine.  She of course thought it was me so she got all excited and thought she had a ride…but hold up!...one second…she’s in GA and I’m in UT.  She said, “I was like hold on…I’m not in Utah…” LOL!!!  It was hilarious!!

No. 2: The countdown has already begun for when I’m leaving UT.  I have it on my board at work and now I think everybody that matters knows at this point… :-( …yeah right :-).  I’m ready to be with my family…

And No. 1: I was tweeted by T-Pain the very first time I tweeted him!  I started following him yesterday and he ended up tweeting me last night.  So he posted a thought of the night: “Thought of the night: if 2pacs kids get together and make a rap group they should call the group "SMALL PACS".  Well apparently people were getting upset because his next tweet was “Ok people it was a damn joke”.  So then I replied to him not thinking anything of it “@DaRealerstTPain Too many sensative ppl out there...ppl jus waitin to find somethin to hate about...”.  It was like 30 seconds later when he replied to me and said “@aeroDynamic10 xactly they the people that ruin the movies in the theater sayin shit like ‘DONT LOOK UNDER THE BED STUPID’”.  I’m pretty sure I laughed harder than I ever have…(oh by the way I was also excited that he tweeted me…lol)

Well, you awesome peeps out there – this concludes the 0610 Aero Rundown.  I hope you guys enjoyed it!  Be ready for the next one!

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