07 June 2009

Aero's (semi-) Rundown - 06.07.2009

Welcome to the 0607 Aero's Semi-Rundown!  I'm doing this because some significant things have happened that can't wait for the next Rundown.  The Rundown starts now...

No. 3: I decided that I really don't care that those douche-troughs from my first turn-up can hate me all they want.  I know I didn't screw anything up and I know that some other people have also been thrown under the bus by them before (sorry http://twitter.com/ejrkids...I know how you feel).  It's really just ridiculous, but they can shove it!

No. 2: Some stupid man decides to run onto the court during the French Open final between Roger Federer and Robin Soderling - http://tinyurl.com/p2vocu.  It obviously had Federer on edge a little especially since Monica Seles was stabbed by a crazed fan on court in 1993 - http://tinyurl.com/lvb5f9.  I think it was cool how Soderling checked with Federer to make sure he was ok.  Federer lost the next point but went on to win the match...which leads to number 1...

And No. 1:  Roger Federer has won his 14th Grand Slam title to tie Pete Sampras's record!!  He is 27 years old and Sampras was 31 when he finally accomplished this feat - http://tinyurl.com/lfalz7.  Federer also has more years to play and will be playing in yet another Grand Slam in two weeks - Wimbledon!!  I'm so happy for him and I hope he continues to move forward and surpasses 14 Grand Slam titles!!! http://tinyurl.com/r65puv

This concludes the 0607 Aero's Semi-Rundown.  I hope you guys enjoyed it!  Be ready for the next one!

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