21 July 2009

Aero's Rundown - Steph Jones Special Edition - 07.21.2009

Welcome to the 0721 Steph Jones Special Edition Rundown! The Rundown starts now...

This Rundown is dedicated to the musical genius that is Steph Jones (@stephjonesmusic) - the guy shown on the left...lol...for those of you who didn't get that. I know most of you only know him as the guy I tweet so much on Twitter, but he's a singer/songwriter/model and is very swiftly on his way to the top! He's what R&B should be!! His music is more geared toward a positive message. He is known to his frands (term coined by Steph that is friends and fans put together) simply as Steph Jones AKA Mr. Ordinary AKA The MO City Alien!! You will absolutely love the guy if you don't already!! His music is amazing and his message is even better! His music has REAL content and his voice is smooth and pleasant like the soulful, sweet sounds of Stevie Wonder! His name, Mr. Ordinary, is truly suited for him. He's a regular guy who is appreciative of the support from his frands and no matter what anyone thinks of him, he will ALWAYS be himself! It's kinda sad that there aren't more people out there like him or has the same mentality. I'm a non-conformist and I love the fact that someone who is in a more public spotlight is also. He's accepting of people's differences and has absolutely no fear of being himself. I always say just be yourself because no one else is suited to do it. I asked Steph if he would like to say anything to his frands in this Rundown. Here's his message to his current and future frands...as a matter of fact, I would say this is his message to the world:

What a great message... You all know that music is my passion! It's the greatest thing ever! No matter who you are, where you are, or what you're going through, there is some music in this world that touches you. No person in the world can say they don't care for any music. We don't all like the same things, but we do all like something. I love Steph's music and his message to the world! You should all go and check out some of his music on his myspace page (Melody To Snap To is my jam!!!).

Steph Jones is also the most unique and random person ever!! LOL!! The guy just has an all-around great vibe, and you can't help but be entertained. I think that's what makes his frands so comfortable with who he is...he's so genuine. I'm just as random, and I love it! Check out this conversation between him and me:

How great is that converstion?! No one makes me more comfortable with my randomness than Steph...LOL!!! Gotta love him! Look people...we really need to get behind Steph and support some positive music!! He will serve a great purpose in the music industry once we put him at the top where he belongs!! Please stop by his website to get to know Steph's story. I'm not gonna lie...I love the guy already! Anyone who has such a wonderful music gift is very special to me! I wish you the absolute best, Steph!!

That concludes the 0721 Steph Jones Special Edition Rundown!! I hope you enjoyed it! Be ready for the next one...

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