21 July 2009

Aero's Rundown - 07.21.2009

Welcome to the 0721 Aero's Rundown. The Rundown starts now...

No. 12: The "Washing You Away" Special Edition Rundown was posted and I will be updating the video/song to include more vocals and the next one won't be so rough...lol

No. 11: I HAVE A STICKAM ACCOUNT!!! YAAAAAYYY!! Stickam is a live video streaming site and I joined so the people of the U-to-the-tah could see me when I go live!! Yeah! Everyone should check that ish out at http://www.stickam.com/aerisforrest. It's actually pretty fun! I'm gonna sit and chat, sing, and do the other random things I do (maybe even dance a little...haha)...

No. 10: @AMILLI_SHEDIDDY said "#justcause I have a job doesn't mean I have money" and I retweeted her. Then outta nowhere @moneycharmer decided she would do me a favor and retweet me I guess with the intention of letting me know that she could help us make some...(*buzzer*)...wrong answer! Talk about running right by us and punching the lady in the face...lol...get outta here lady!

No. 9: I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I'm a little silly. I have a been a prankster and I've been a little violent to say the least. I have some anger management issues sometimes, but I almost wet myself laughing at this... http://bit.ly/Q7Mk7

No. 8: A member of my church passed away and I didn't even know it until Sunday (the day of the funeral). I haven't been to a funeral in a while because the last one I went to (my aunt) was very hard for me since I was so close to her. So I got there and kept my eyes on the floor for the most part and I sat in the very back. My mom was in the choir stand and I made the mistake of trying to look at her when I saw the casket. It was a pearl white like my aunt's and a chill came over me. I knew I couldn't sit in there any longer so I got up and walked out. I was almost in tears by the time I got to the front entry and I basically ran to my truck in my heels just to shake the thoughts I was having. I felt so bad for leaving, but I just couldn't take it. All I could
think about was my aunt and I couldn't overcome the discomfort and overwhelming urge to weep. What would you have done? Was I wrong for walking out? *sigh*...

No. 7: On a lighter note... why the heck do people feel it’s necessary to tell me that my brother and/or dad are sexy or hot? I mean I'm not sexually attracted to them at all so what interest would I have in a conversation about how great they look. Really? (pause) Really? At some point, people should think before they tell me stuff like that. Then at church on Sunday, some lady was tellin my mom, and I'm like, "Look lady. I know you're older and I should be respectful but you need to back up. You can't have my daddy". And she was looking at my mom as if I was outta line...ugh...

No. 6: I found a stupid prank video. The concept is to see how people will react when they see a crowd of people running in the opposite direction that they're going in. I admit it sounds pretty stupid and cheesy, but actually seeing the video makes it much funnier. The first guy just keeps going and doesn't care. The second guy...well....just watch....LMBO!!! This is actually pretty funny http://bit.ly/qhpEf

No. 5: Phrase: "ran right by us and punched the lady in the face"; so here's the deal. A lot of people still don't get why I've been using that phrase. Yes I know it is a bit random and probably even annoying to some of you, but I love it anyway. To make a long story short (unless you wanna hear the long story), the phrase comes from a situation that happened not too long ago with someone I know. She has this aunt that is pretty much G-status, if you will. There was a little situation with her step-dad (well pretty much her real dad) and his "other woman" that my friend was trying to figure out. She was arguing with the man and ended up throwing a vase. Her aunt hear the vase break, and runs into the house. But wait...what is she doing?...where is she going? Oh my...she ran right by them, went into the back room of the house, and punch the "other woman" in the face. So that's where the phrase came from. When she was telling me about the situation, she used the phrase: "ran right by us and punched the lady in the face" and needless to say, I almost laughed myself into a coma because I couldn't breathe...LOL!! It's a rather funny story except for the fact that the situation sucks...

No. 4: T.I. has a new song out called "Remember Me" and let me tell you he is at the top of his game! I love the song and I love the message. He starts by saying, "Let me tell you how you measure a man. When his world starts to fall, see how tall he stands. It matters not how many times you fall down. What matters most is how many times you rise. Mistakes build character, and character takes you places money can't". Then Mary J. Blige comes in with her fantastic vocals saying, "Don't forget to remember me..." I love the song and video.
Check it out

And now the top 3...(wiki wiki whaaat?!!?!!!!)....

No. 3: I don't know if you guys remember, but I went to the movies to see UP a couple of times and I flippin loved it!! Well I was in Starkville on Saturday visiting my cuzzo and the Queen of B's (@DeltaHeir21), and we had to go to Wal-Mart. Well who the heck did I see as we walked in?! Answer: The little old man from UP!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! He was just like him! His little pants were too short and he had the same posture and hair and everything! I tried to get Queen B to take my picture with him but since she's a doodie-tootie head, she wouldn't do it! I guess once you're a diva, you can't have the same kinda fun that normal people have...*sigh. Anyway, I was gonna go take his picture and whaddya know? He was leaving to go on break and I would never see him again, so I basically chased him through Wally World to get his pic. LMBO!!! So here ya go...

(makes me think about him pullin his house...lol)

No. 2: It was my intention to talk about how sick I am about being thrown under the bus with stuff @ the workplace, but I've already digressed. Good thing I didn't write this Rundown when I started to do it...lol. Anyway, the number 2 spot goes to Beyonce's chilling performance. I love the emotion shown as Beyonce pays tribute to the King of Pop http://tinyurl.com/kwlt9z

And No. 1: I mean really, Jordin?! REALLY?! The album is out NOW!!! Go get one or two...or heck maybe even seven! It has some great content and Jordin's vocals are so much stronger which is why I loved her in the first place!! Tell me this isn't power and I'll run right by us and punch the lady in the face!!

Jordin on Good Morning America

This concludes the 0721 Aero's Rundown! I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave a comment, and be ready for the next one!

0721 Aero's Rundown Honarable Mentions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
OMG, my sweet potato pie was flippin amazing on Sunday!! I ended up eating all but one small slither by the end of the evening! I love those things...mmm...mm....good....

The Rundown has the MTV Leak gadget included at the bottom, which is actually pretty cool since you can listen to full albums prior to release dates! I love it!!

The US Open starts at the end of next month! It'll be featured in a Rundown as the time approaches. FYI - I'm actually going to attend!! Yay for me!!

I left out the fact that Shunda and I made a Kool-Aid run while we were waiting for everyone to show up for Byrd's baby shower in the last Rundown! LOL!! Of course that was after the fact that she tried to drink my wallet!! (Thanks for the wallet, BMax - @shug24)

Had dinner with a friend, Kacey, last week and she just happened to bring along someone that I wasn't expecting but it was all fun and I look forward to doing it again. Kacey wants to have some sort of weekly thing...

The Cougar (@ejrkids) is making sure to protect Mr. Maximus cuz that's just how awesome she is!! Gotta love her!! Truly one of the best FRIENDS (not aquaintance or associate) I've ever had!!!

Why the heck are we referring to Byrd as @MIA_BYRD on Twitter because she doesn't have a Twitter account?! LOL!!! It just tickles me...


  1. One more thing...upcoming blog is a Steph Jones Special Edition!! YAY!!

  2. What!!! Womanizer didn't even get an honorable mention?!! I love reading the run-downs!!! I'm in LOVE with that TI song now, since I visited your blog, that line is AMAZING.

    Woot Jordin Sparks FTW. Oh btw @cougar she broke out of her slump!!

    miss ya :)


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