15 July 2009

Aero's Rundown - Washing You Away Special Edition - 07.15.2009

Welcome to the “Washing You Away” Aero’s Rundown! The Rundown starts now…

I was sitting here working and pondering some random thoughts and decided that I would finish this song that I’ve been writing. Instead, I pretty much started a whole new one. I’ve named it "Washing You Away" and it is still in the works. My bff, Shunda (@AMILLI_SHEDIDDY) is already promoting it on Twitter…LOL!! I posted a line from the song and Twitter and ultimately started a war between the King BMax (@shug24) and the Queen of B’s (@DeltaHeir21)!! I have been contributing to their little fuss just to keep it going because it’s so hilarious. Aparently, they both have dibs on being my number one fan! The sad thing is that I don’t even have an album…LOL!! Nonetheless, they’re threatening each other on Twitter and I’m just sitting back laughing about it! While they’ve been fighting, I’ve actually recorded a rough (very rough) preview of the song and created a little sample video. So without further adieu…


The tears I’ve shed for you /are only for me to wash away our memories/ I’m starting something new so please forget all of the things we used to do/ Why don’t you understand?/ I’m movin on/ my life is getting better and/ While I dry my eyes; I’m off of the ground, preparing to fly

I am/ washing you away

My tears are of joy and not from the pain

I’m washing you away

I’m stronger now and I can sustain

Washing, washing, washing....you away....


  1. when is the full version available?!!!

  2. I love this. I cannot wait to hear when it is complete. Hard times out here in Utah I really do miss you...

  3. everyone misses Aero!! I love the music!!


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