03 December 2009

Aero's Rundown - Steph Jones is a "Little Drummer Boy" Sp. Ed. - 12.03.2009

Welcome to the Little Drummer Boy Special Edition Aero's Rundown!! The Rundown starts now...

If you're following me on Twitter, then you should definitely know of this guy named Steph Jones. Some of my friends didn't understand at first why I was so diligent about supporting his music and his sound, but they know that this is an artist with a SOUL. His music doesn't come from an empty place; it's not about selling records or having the hottest record for right now; it's not about moving into some fictional spotlight and allowing other people to define him. His music is about spreading the message of love and joy to every soul that experiences it. It's less about the right now and more about longevity.

In talking with Steph on several occasions, I've learned one very important thing about him. No matter how you look at it, no matter how you try to portray things, no matter where you come from, where you've been or where you're going, there is one thing that is always true - your soul never lies. Dude is the realest person you could ever meet and to be honest, it's almost saddening that there aren't more real people like him. He's not the superficial guy that needs to change who he is to become what he's not. He's a true genius in his own right and to be honest, I respect that about him more than anything. From the melodic creations to the rhythmic variations to the minute instrumentation in some of his music, it's very easy to say one this is for sure: there's a soul in Steph's music and he put it there intentionally...

On October 12, Steph released his lifetape entitled Gravity to the world, and because he knows that the "soul of the music is being sucked out of earth", he gave it away (not even joking)....it's FREE! Go get it now!! Just to give you a little hint of what you're missing out on, I will just say that if you don't have it yet or if you have it and haven't listened to it yet, you just peel your face right off right now (again....not even joking)! It's movements like these that are inspirational to the world and if we all just put a little into supporting Steph and his movement, we could make such a drastic, positive effect on the world...

NOW....the real reason for this Aero's Rundown!

Steph had previously mentioned that he might do a Christmas mixtape, but being the person that he is, he would never rush it and put out something that was less than the best by his standards so he decided no to do so. However, his loyalty and love for his frands makes him go above and beyond always. He decided that he would remake a Christmas classic - The Little Drummer Boy. Let me just tell you....since I got this track I've been listening to it nonstop. Check it out below...

(artwork by bombsteez)

Now that you've heard the song, just let me have a quick word with the musically minded. Here's what is so addictive about the song. For those of you who really know me well, it can very easily be said that my most real passion in life is MUSIC! Coming from a very musical background on both sides of my family, I've learned that MUSIC is the one thing that tears down barriers. No matter what race, country, or planet you're from, everyone has a bond with music. Rhythm dominates our lives daily even when we're not paying attention. I have spent hours on end every day for the past 20-something years of my life listening to some form of music or observing some rhythm - whether it's the 1.5 second count from yellow to red on a traffic light or the rain dripping off my parents' home in MS. I've gotten to the point now where I can hear every part of this song without hearing the synthesized percussion and orchestral accompaniment at all and Steph's voice is absolutely phenomenal! This list is in no particular order...

1. The rhythm created vocally from beginning to end; the percussion and accompaniment definitely enhances the song, but pay close attention to the little intricacies he creates with his voice.

2. The slight deviation of rhythm in the first verse - "coooome they tooold me" became "cooome they told me-eee" and I'm certain that honestly it's just the genius that is Steph Jones

3. The newly created chorus of the song with a dominating chant of "left, right, left" along with the sweet high vocals chanting the same lines and echoing only to be enhanced by the addicting statement "I am the little drummer boy"

4. The first verse has a little piece of gold at the end of it; do you know what it is? Can you find it? Let's just say that the additional line (5-line instead of 4-line stanza) is a precious little gold nugget planted in the song that doesn't happen anywhere else...

5. Does he really say "ehh-ahh" after the "pa rum pum pum puumm"...if you don't know why that's amazingly hot, you are officially not human!

6. Shall I play for you (echo: you, you, you) on my druumm? <-- 'nuff said

7. As if all the aforementioned things aren't enough, he raps and said himself that he speaking"directly to God" and it just touches my heart...I just...I can't even...*speechless*

8. Those 17 or 18 little "tings" of a triangle at the very end of the song...priceless - not to mention the sleigh bells throughout the song

9. Put all that stuff together with the accompaniment and you have the perfect Steph Jones track!!

Needless to say, I'm in love with this song, and I hope the rest of the world loves it as much as I do. I'm a connoisseur of great music and this has definitely satisfied my hunger, thirst, and complete appetite. All I have left to say is a HUGE thank you to Steph...you're nothing less than amazing bro!

For more info about and music by Steph:
Listen to some of his tracks on MySpace
Follow him on Twitter
Download the lifetape
He's even on ustream...he loves to talk with his frands as often as possible

BONUS! As Steph mentioned in his last ustream, he's actually doing a video for this song which will feature some special guests early THIS month! Two words: CAN'T WAIT!!!

Listen to the Little Drummer Boy Acapella version

This concludes the Little Drummer Boy Sp. Ed. Aero's Rundown!! I hope you enjoyed it! Be ready for the next one...

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