20 December 2009

Aero's Rundown - Behind the Scenes of Little Drummer Boy Sp. Ed. - 12.20.2009

Welcome to the Little Drummer Boy Aero's Rundown!! The Rundown starts now...

There's been a quite a bit of "fuss" goin on about Steph's new song that was recently dropped - the remake of the Little Drummer Boy (listen to it in the last Rundown). Honestly, the song is just amazing! I love the dude's voice!!! There's more great news though...Steph is making a video for it and provided a sneak peak of what's to come in the behind-the-scenes video below. I talked to Steph the day after the video shoot, and he was ecstatic! He said, "whatever you're thinkin about, forget it. This will be unlike anything anybody can think of. The director is taking it even farther than I thought". My only response was, "Wow! If it's even beyond what you were thinking, it has to be absolutely phenomenal!" He was describing one of his favorite scenes to me and telling me how he excited he was about what the world would see in a couple of weeks. Steph has become a great friend to me and I must say, when he says you won't be disappointed, you can believe just that. Take a look...

BONUS: The A Capella version of the Little Drummer Boy has also been posted! Steph knows that I've been waiting for this one too and I was so glad when he posted it! Check it out...

For more information about Steph and more music by him:
Visit the Steph Jones Galaxy (and download the Little Drummer Boy there)
Listen to some of his tracks on MySpace
Follow him on Twitter
Download the lifetape (Steph is also featured on the Soundcheck mixtape by AudioPush)
He's even on ustream...he loves to talk with his frands as often as possible

This concludes the Little Drummer Boy Aero's Rundown!! I hope you enjoyed it! I love you guys! Be ready for the next one...

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